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CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT

Are you interested in launching your own NFT collection on a secure, fast, and energy-efficient blockchain? Look no further than Cardano! Thanks to its unique proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and commitment to sustainability, Cardano NFTs are becoming popular. 

To mint an NFT on Cardano, you’ll need to use a CNFT minting site. Several options are available, including NMKR (previously called NFT Maker),,  Cardahub, and JPEG Store. Each platform has pros and cons, which you should consider when deciding which minting solution to use. 

This ultimate guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of minting an NFT on the Cardano blockchain. We’ll cover a range of options available on the Cardano network, such as setting royalties, selling your NFT, and other related topics. 

Note: If you’re not yet familiar with NFT minting, we have a comprehensive guide on what NFT Minting is.

Can You Mint NFTs with Cardano?

Yes, you can mint NFTs with Cardano. Thanks to its numerous benefits, Cardano is a serious contender to Ethereum for NFT minting. The network features faster transaction times, lower costs, and a more eco-friendly approach to blockchain technology.

To create a Cardano NFT, you’ll need to use a Cardano-supported minting tool or website. Several options include NMKR, SaturnNFT, Buffy Bot, Cardahub, and JPG Shop. However, in this guide, we’ll focus on NMKR with a step-by-step guide on how to use the platform for Cardano NFT minting.

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How to Create NFT on Cardano: Step-by-Step

As mentioned, we’ll use a CNFT minting website, NMKR, to mint an NFT on the Cardano network. 

NMKR is a platform that provides solutions for NFT creation and management. They offer an API and No-Code Tools to launch NFTs on a website, making it easy for non-developers to start with NFTs. 

Another Cardano minting website that we recommend for minting Cardano NFTs is

Note: If you’re interested in NFT creator tools that require no technical skills, read how to create NFTs without coding.

Before we dive into Cardano NFT minting, you need to create a wallet that supports the Cardano blockchain. For this article, we’ll recommend using Yoroi Wallet. However, you can opt to use NMKR’s native wallet solution. 

Create a Cardano-supported Wallet (Yoroi Wallet)

First, install the Yoroi wallet extension by visiting the official website and downloading it. You can choose your preferred browser or select Android and iOS options.

After downloading the extension or mobile application, select “Create Wallet” and choose your preferred language. Read the terms of use carefully and agree by checking the box next to “I agree to the terms of use.” Then, select “Create Wallet.”

Choose Cardano as your currency or platform and create your personal wallet by entering a wallet name and spending password. Make sure to choose a strong password. Then, click “Create Personal Wallet.”

Write down the recovery phrase, which is a 15-word mnemonic that Yoroi displays. Write it down on at least two pieces of paper and store them in safe places where no one can access them. Then, click “YES, I’VE WRITTEN IT DOWN” and confirm the request.

You can now access your Yoroi wallet control panel and perform various actions such as staking, sending, and receiving ADA.

Here’s a video guide to installing your Yoroi wallet.

Step 1: Create an Account on NMKR

After setting up your web3 wallet, you’ll need to navigate to the website where the NFT minting process will take place. The website is called NMKR

CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 14

Click on the “Get Started For Free” button. You’ll be directed to a page where you must provide your personal information to register for an account. Enter the necessary information, including your email address and password, to get started. 

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to a dashboard that displays your internal wallet and customer ID in the top right corner. You’ll use this internal wallet to mint NFTs and perform other tasks. 

Note that payments will be made to this wallet as you sell NFTs. However, you can transfer the funds to your primary wallet. 

To fund the internal wallet, click “Fill up your internal wallet” and copy the address. You can then send some ADA to that address, which will appear in your internal wallet.

Step 2: Visit NMKR’s Official Minting Page

You’ll be redirected to the NKMR minting page, where you have three options to either select “Single NFT,” “NFT Collection,” or “Large Collections.” Your choice here would depend on the size of your NFT project. For example, here, we selected the “Single NFT” option.

image 5
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 15

Step 3: Upload Your NFT

Next, you’ll be redirected to a page where you must upload your NFT assets. The website requires a maximum of 50MB per file; you can only upload up to 6 files. Supported media includes image, audio and video files.

image 6
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 16

Read our guide on NFT image size to know more about NFT size requirements on different platforms.

Step 4: Fill in the NFT Description Details 

Scroll down, and you will see the “Token details” section. Here, you’ll be required to fill in the Display name, Token name and description of your NFT. You can also add the unique traits of your NFT here by clicking on the “Add custom properties” button.

image 7
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 17

Step 5: Add Tags (Optional)

If you scroll down further, you’ll see the option to add tags to your NFT. You don’t need to do this, though. 

image 8
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 18

After that, you’re expected to check the button below if your NFT contains Adult content or flashing lights. 

Step 6: Confirm Your NFT’s Content e5765a16 f2cb 4a7a 85f4 a156e9866a52

Step 7: Add License

In this section, you’re to select a license for your NFT. We recommend going with the default setting “NMKR Personal.”

image 9
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 19

Step 8: Set Royalties 

Next, you can set the royalties for your NFT here. The maximum is 30%. Also, you’re free to choose whichever percentage of royalties you want to collect for the secondary sales of your NFT. 

image 1
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 20

Step 9: Choose the Selling Option And Set the Price

Next, select the “for sale” option to sell your NFT. You can choose the “Mint only” to create the NFT without listing it on the NKMR marketplace.  

image 4
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 21

Set your desired price and time when the NFT would be available for sale. 

image 3
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 22

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Step 10: Add a Payout Wallet and Mint 

Copy and Paste your Cardano wallet into the “Payout wallet” section.

image 2
CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 23

After you’ve inputted your wallet address, then select “Next.” All that’s left is for you to confirm the transaction for the gas fees that would be used to mint the NFT. 

Following a successful payment, the website will create your NFT within a few minutes, depending on the size and number of NFTs you want to make.

It’s that simple. 


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CNFT Minting: 10 Steps to Minting a Cardano NFT 24

To mint an NFT on the Cardano blockchain, you need to use a minting site that supports the Cardano blockchain, like NMKR. However, before you get started, you might need to create a web3 wallet that supports Cardano —Yoroi wallet. The process of minting an NFT on Cardano using NMKR has been explained in this article with a simple step-by-step guide. 

However, while Cardano is one of the cheapest and most secure blockchains to mint NFTs, other options are worth checking out. One of those options is the Solana blockchain. If you’re wondering whether the Solana blockchain is ideal for minting NFT, check our comparison article of Solana NFTs and Ethereum NFTs

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