Correct Dimensions for NFT Art

NFT Image Size: Correct Dimensions for NFT Art [With Examples]

There’s no requirement for an NFT image size or pixel aspect ratio. The selling point of NFT is uniqueness; hence, there’s a market filled with numerous artworks of varying sizes. However, different platforms require specific sizes when uploading digital art.

So what size should NFT art be?

This article will explore everything you need to know about NFT image size.

We’ll also give you insights into the image size of some of the most successful NFT projects.

What Size Should an NFT Be?

The answer is that it depends.

For NFT images, a practical and commonly recommended maximum file size is around 10-30 MB. The resolution can vary, but a higher resolution is generally preferable for better quality. The standard NFT size is between 160 x 160 px and 1,000 x 1,000 px or higher.

These sizes are suitable for use as PFP NFT or for display on websites, meeting the requirements for such applications. The square format is the most commonly used among these NFTs.

1. File Size for NFT Marketplaces Like Opensea or Mintable

Each NFT marown requirements its requirement for NFT image sizes that creators are expected to follow. It would be best if you noted the size limit on your choice of NFT platform.

The ideal file size for an NFT is 30MB and a maximum of 100MB, based on our research of various well-known NFT platforms. Going higher than this would make minting more expensive since you have to pay for the storage.

Below is the exact file size requirement on some popular marketplaces:

  • Opensea – file size: 100MB
  • Foundation – file size: 50MB
  • Mintable- file size: 300MB
  • Rarible – file size: 100MB
  • SuperRare – file size: 50MB
  • KnownOrigin – file size: 75MB
  • Mintbase – file size: 10MB

2. NFT Image Size Based On Art Type

Another crucial size determinant is how your NFT is created and minted. Here are some NFT art types and their recommended image sizes:

NFT Pixel Art Size

image 35
Image Source: Wikipedia

Usually, the nft width and height of a pixel image are 32 × 32 px because the art feels natural at this size. Also, it’s the most commonly used NFT pixel art size. However, NFT artists also create pixel art in other dimensions including:

  • 64 × 64px
  • 32 × 32px
  • 24 × 24px
  • 20 × 20px
  • 16 × 16px.

Note that the higher the dimension, the more pixelated the NFT art would be. The best size for your NFT would also depend on the look you’re trying to achieve.

One of One art (1:1 art) NFT Size

There’s no best image size for one-of-one art. You can pick any size that appeals to you as long as it adds uniqueness to the NFT artwork.

Let’s consider Logan Paul’s digital collectible as an example. The NFTs were minted using the original size of his polaroid photo collections. The size of polaroid photos is 294 × 300 pixels.

Sports Trading Cards NFT Size

image 34

Below are the recommended sizes for digital sport card collectibles:

  • Regular Size: 250 by 350 px square
  • Mini Size: 225 by 313 px square
  • Micro Size: 200 by 214 px square
  • Goudey Size: 238 by 288 px square
  • Big Size: 263 by 275 px square

3. NFT Image Size Based on Similar Projects

An excellent strategy to determine the correct dimensions for your NFT is to check what other creators use. Find similar NFT artworks to yours and model their image size. Here’s the dimension size of some popular NFT projects you can check out:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club: 631 × 631 px
  • Cool Cats: 1080 × 1080 px 
  • CryptoPunks: 336 × 336 px
  • VeeFriends: 640 × 860 px
  • World of Women: 800 × 800 px

4. NFT Size Based on the Physical Display

How an NFT would be viewed or where is also important when deciding the right image size for an NFT. Here are some of the types of NFT displays you should consider:

NFT Image Size for Physical frames

A 16 × 24 or 19 × 29 inches dimension is ideal for NFT to display on a mural canvas. If your NFT is intended to be displayed on a canvas, go for a size of  18 × 27 × 1.6 inches for a better view.

NFT Resolution for Mobile Devices

For iPhone screens, 320 × 480 px (portrait) and 480 320 px (landscape) would give your NFT the best look. Stick to a dimension of 320px by 414px (painting) and 568px by 812px (landscape) for android screens.

5. NFT Image Size Based on Social Media Platforms

Below is the recommended dimension size for some popular social media platforms that supports NFTs:


NFT artworks intended to be used as a Twitter profile picture should be 600 px square or a 3:1 aspect ratio of 1500 px max. The file size should be at most 5MB.


For Facebook users, the recommended NFT image size is:

  • 820 × 312 px (cover photo)
  • 640 × 360 px (profile photo)


The ideal NFT image size for Instagram is:

  • Square: 1080px by 1080px
  • Portrait: 1080px by 1350px
  • Landscape: 1080px by 608px

What Is the Best Resolution for NFT

There is no best resolution for NFT artworks. Beeple, which holds the world record of the most expensive NFT, is in 21,069 px square image resolution. Popular NFTs like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club had 336 px square and 631 px square resolutions, respectively. 

Yet, we recommend keeping the resolution at or below 1080 px square.

The above-recommended value ensures you maintain the image quality while complying with most NFT marketplace’s maximum size requirements. Regarding resolution, try balancing image quality and file size well.

What Dimensions Should an NFT Be?

When it comes to determining the ideal dimensions for NFT art, there are a few key factors to consider. The first is the requirements and recommendations of the NFT marketplace you plan to mint on. Platforms like OpenSea suggest a minimum of 512×512 pixels, so this is a good baseline. Setting dimensions too small can mean sacrificing image quality.

The second factor is file size. In general, you’ll want to keep your NFT image assets under 10MB. This helps reduce minting fees and ensures faster loading times. So while ultra high resolutions like 10,000 x 10,000 pixels might sound impressive, the massive file size makes dimensions like 3000×3000 or 4000×4000 more practical.

Finally, take into account the specific art style and how the NFT will be displayed. For pixel art or retro video game themes, smaller resolutions like 256×256 or 512×512 are standard. But more complex digital paintings and photo-realistic NFTs can benefit from 4000×4000 or larger to show off detail. Just be conscious of the intended display – phone screens, websites, digital displays? Optimizing dimensions for the medium creates the best viewing experience.

What Are the Common Pixel Dimensions of Popular NFT Art?

Here’s a review of the image size of some popular NFT projects on OpenSea:

1. CryptoPunks: 336 px square

image 33
Image Source: LarvaLabs

The original, you know? These pixelated thuggish characters have traded 306,600 ETH. At this time, that amounts to around a billion dollars. Not bad for 10,000 by 10,000 pixels at 336 pixels!

2. Axie Infinity: 512 × 384 pixels

image 32
Image Source: Axie Infinity

Yet another adorable mini-project, huh? They have produced 27.5 ETH in volume, which is currently worth $86 million. Characters are typically 512 pixels wide by 384 pixels high. Here are a handful taken from a screenshot of OpenSea.

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club: 631 px square

image 31
Image  Source: BAYC

Everyone wants to be like this. More than half of the NFTs flooding OpenSea try to mimic these famed bored apes. Why not, then? They generated 67,400 ETH in cryptocurrency trades, equivalent to 82 million dollars in today’s value. Almost everyone in the NFT industry aspires to own an ape.

4. VeeFriends: 860 × 640 pixels

a screenshot of the veefriends collection to explain the nft image size
Image Source: Vee Friends

What Gary Vaynerchuk did with the VeeFriends collection shows that creating NFTs of a manageable size (i.e., 640px) works. Close to 13,000 ETH have been exchanged on the project – that’s over  $40 million so far.

It’s optional to create 10,000 5MB graphical NFTs each when using NFTs. More emphasis should be placed on the artwork, community, engagement, uniqueness, hype, investment, etc.


Correct Dimensions for NFT Art
NFT Image Size: Correct Dimensions for NFT Art [With Examples] 10

As promised, we’ve delivered a definite answer to “what size should nft art be.” We’ve also given you a review of some popular NFT projects’ sizes to inspire you.

In summary, there is no universal ideal pixel size for NFTs. For detailed digital art or photos aim for at least 2000×2000, or ideally 3000×3000 to 4000×4000 pixels. But for logos, pixel art and other simple graphics, lower resolutions in the 256×256 to 1000×1000 range help maintain the artistic style. Choose pixel dimensions tailored to the specific art direction and complexity of the NFT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best image format for NFT?

PNG or GIF formats are best for NFT images, as they support transparency and tend to produce smaller file sizes than JPEGs.

What is high resolution NFT size?

For highly detailed NFT art, aim for resolutions of 2000×2000 pixels or higher, up to around 4000×4000 pixels for ultra high-res.

Does NFT need to be high resolution?

High resolution is recommended for NFT art with intricate details, but not mandatory; lower res works for logos, pixel art, etc.

What is the best resolution for NFT art?

An image resolution of 2000×2000 to 3000×3000 pixels is ideal for most NFT art, balancing quality and file size.

What is the recommended NFT size for OpenSea?

OpenSea recommends a minimum of 512×512 pixels for NFT images, but 1000×1000 to 2000×2000 pixels provides better image quality.

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