how to promote nfts on instagram

How to Promote NFTs on Instagram and Sell Out Faster.

Hi, NFT artist. Have you been trying to promote your NFTs on Instagram with no headway? It might interest you to know that you are not entirely alone. 

Non-fungible tokens are the real deal now. Some NFT artists like Beeple have sold collectibles for about $69 million through his Instagram popularity. 

How to promote NFTs on Instagram is one of the questions NFT artists ask frequently. It is best achieved with Instagram posts, reels, and stories, building engagement through regular giveaways and influencer promotion. You can also collaborate with existing projects to leverage their community. This creates the required visibility to attract followers while building meaningful connections with your growing community. 

There are about 500 million people who use Instagram daily. Also, up to 90% of the users are young people who are more crypto-savvy and likely to buy NFTs. So if you want to get more eyes on your collection, Instagram is a great place to get started.

This article is a quick fix and guide on how to promote your NFTs on Instagram and sell out faster.

How to Promote NFTs on Instagram

They have become increasingly popular. As of 2021, the market was worth about $40 million. However, promotion is quite challenging, especially on Instagram. As an NFT artist looking to break into the market, Instagram is a great platform to begin marketing your digital art. 

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This guide would serve to inform you of the appropriate steps to take, even if you are just getting started with NFTs.

Create a new account for your NFTs

To promote NFTs on Instagram, creating an account solely for promoting your account makes sense. This is better than using a personal account for publicity and to prevent confusing your audience. The account username can be the token’s name or another catchy name. 

Grow your followers.

It makes little or no sense to promote your NFT on an account with no followers. There is no audience, and the chances of people finding the tokens are slim. 

A step in the right direction is getting organic followers who can serve as your audience. 

Some steps to get organic followers include

  • Create intriguing content
  • Have a posting schedule
  • Interact with your followers
  • Follow other people in your niche and relate with them.

Artists like Andrea Soos have a large following on Instagram and make it easy to sell out. 

how to get more followers for your nft project on instagram

Understand your audience

To promote your NFTs on Instagram, you need to understand your audience. Every social media influencer knows the kind of followers he has and tailors his content to match their needs. 

Understanding your audience is particularly important to avoid losing followers in the long run. This is better than buying accounts with “active” followers, especially with zero plans to continue in the same niche.

Understanding your potential community is key to becoming a successful NFT artist on Instagram.

Create a relationship with your followers

Start by liking and replying to comments on your posts.  This gives a human face to your digital art promotion. There are different software that enables you to give a mass reply to the tons of comments you have. Examples are

You can find out more about it here.

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Host Contests and do NFT Giveaways

To promote your NFTs on Instagram, you can do referral contests or trivia on your NFT. You can either do it as a stand-alone or collaborate with influencers and reward the winners with your NFTs. Some giveaways that can be done include

  • Merch
  • Whitelist spots
  • Money
  • Free publicity for the winners’ business and much more.

This idea grows your followers and also promotes your digital art. It is a win-win situation. 

Use appropriate Hashtags 

NFT hashtags to promote your nft on instagram
Copy the hashtags from Best Hashtags

One surefire way to promote NFTs on Instagram is using the right hashtags. 

Be witty and creative with your hashtags, and try to create a buzz around them. 

You can also use trending hashtags to bring attention to your collectible but avoid abuse. To get the most from hashtags, the engagement rate and your account size should be considered. 

Not all artists use hashtags, though. However, popular creators like Andrea Soos and Alexa Meade do. 

Some popular hashtags are 

  • #nft,
  •  #nftart
  • #nftartist
  • #digitalart
  • #crypto
  • #nftcommunity

TIP: While adding popular hashtags is great; you’d want to also create a branded hashtag. This can be your project’s name or something relating to your NFT and is easy to remember. Use this hashtag in the first place so people can use it to find you easily, as your posts can easily get lost in the popular hashtag feeds.

Utilizing reels and Instagram stories

These features can be used to promote your NFT on Instagram. Vivid videos can be used on the Instagram reels that explain the NFT and how to acquire it. The services of a graphic designer or a video editor can be gotten for a more professional feel. Instagram reels and stories can also be used to boost engagement on your platform.

Use advertising platforms

There are several pages on Instagram where you can pay some money for adverts concerning your tokens. This mode of NFT promotion on Instagram works best if you have an amassed following for your page. An example of an advertising platform is

Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Still on how to promote NFTs on Instagram, working with Instagram influencers is key. While this is not at the top of the list, considering that it can be pricey, it is a great idea to consider. 

Instagram Influencers are people who have a large number of followers on Instagram and can be paid for adverts. Some can incorporate it into their videos if they are skit makers for a higher price. 

It is advisable, though, to find an influencer whose niche is digital currencies and digital art. Some popular Instagram NFT influencers include

Instagram analytics

Once in a while, go through the analytics to discover the time your followers are most active. Also, discover the topics or tags that keep them talking and tailor your subsequent posts in that direction. If you don’t know how to go about this, you can outsource to a Social Media manager. You can read more on Instagram analytics.

Be Original and Think Outside the Box 

To promote your NFT on Instagram, do not be rigid. Think up other creative methods to publicize, like showing videos of how the NFT was minted. 

You can also share the back story behind digital art. The aim is to connect with your audience and prevent rigidity. Cryptokitties use storytelling to bring customers on board. 

Garyvee also applies the story and video editing principle. He is one of the popular NFT enthusiasts on Instagram.

Final Thoughts & Tips

To promote your NFTs on Instagram, do not forget to leave the link in the description. It makes for easy accessibility. The hashtags should also be easy to use hashtags and should not be lengthy. 

It is also important to follow other digital art creators on Instagram. This can help you learn some important strategies vis-a-viz follower engagement, tone and the like. 

You can also collaborate with other projects or decide to sponsor activities for publicity’s sake. An example is collaborating with a cryptocurrency to give airdrops.

You would not want to be left out on the NFTs and Instagram promotion merry wagon. Take that step today. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I promote my digital assets on other social media platforms barring Instagram?

Of course. Instagram promotion is just one platform. Other platforms you can promote your NFTs include Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Tiktok, etc. 

How do I engage my Instagram followers without burning out? 

Instagram has a quick reply setting that enables you to reply to your messages in record time. This feature helps you engage your followers. You would not have to individually reply to each message yourself. Watch this video on how to use Instagram quick replies

Do you want to know other NFT marketing strategies you can use? Check out other NFT promotion and social media ideas to make sure you get the most visibility for your NFT project.

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