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How to Get Your NFT Noticed on OpenSea Fast

You’re not the only NFT artist who has wondered how to get your NFT noticed on OpenSea. But the process is quite straightforward. Certain practical approaches, such as utilizing Twitter spaces and listing on NFT directories, have proven effective in offering a long-term solution. You can also form a mutual collaboration with newsletter authors who would be more than glad to promote your NFT project.

As you may already know, OpenSea is home to countless numbers of soon-to-be NFT buyers. At the moment, OpenSea is ranked the top NFT platform in the world, with over 1 million users worldwide. So you definitely don’t want to miss out on what this marketplace offers in terms of enhancing sales.

If you don’t seem to know how to promote your NFT on OpenSea, this article will guide you. We’ve outlined a simple-to-execute guide on how to get your NFT noticed on OpenSea.

How to Get Your NFT Noticed on OpenSea

NFTs had enjoyed a swell time in 2021 and part of 2022, especially in the creative industry, as they allow artists to own and monetize their works. Fast forward to 2023 and 2024; it is now increasingly difficult to get more views on OpenSea.

As an artist looking to make money with NFTs, OpenSea is a good place to get your collection noticed. But you’ll need the perfect mix of promotion strategies on and off OpenSea to increase your views.

Listing your NFTs is only the beginning of your journey of promoting your NFTs on OpenSea. First, you must understand how OpenSea counts the number of views. This will help you gauge how well your NFT promotion strategy is working.

What Counts As A view On OpenSea?

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OpenSea only counts a view when the viewer has an OpenSea account and is signed in. But it doesn’t count views from people who haven’t registered for an OpenSea account or verified their identity.

Though most NFT collectors already have an OpenSea account, sharing your project with others who are just getting started with NFTs and don’t have one will likely result in fewer views.

So unless you’re intentional about getting your project to the right audience, you won’t make any sales. Below are some practical guides on increasing your views and, in turn, getting your NFT noticed on OpenSea.

Tips to Get More Views on OpenSea

Gaining more visibility on OpenSea requires using both on-site optimization and off-platform promotion tactics. Follow these quick tips to get more eyes on your NFTs:

1. Optimize your OpenSea listing:

  • Craft an appealing title and detailed description with relevant keywords so your NFTs show up in searches.
  • Make the thumbnail visually striking to grab attention.
  • Price competitively based on current market rates for comparable NFTs.

2. Engage with the community:

  • Follow other OpenSea creators and engage in discussions to build relationships and gain visibility within the Web3 community.
  • Engage in discussions on NFT forums and groups, share your listings, and seek feedback from the community.

3. Promote Listings on Social Media:

  • Share OpenSea links on Twitter using popular hashtags to reach more users.
  • Post visuals and videos on Instagram and TikTok explaining your NFTs’ backstory.

4. Partner with Other NFT Artists:

  • Collaborate on joint projects to access each other’s audiences.
  • Cross-promote by featuring other artists in your collection.

5. Utilize Directories and Rarity Tools:

  • Submit to NFT directories for added exposure.
  • Leverage rarity tools to highlight unique traits and scarcity.

6. Run promotions and giveaways:

  • Offer limited-time discounts or deals to attract buyers.
  • Conduct social media giveaways to drive traffic.

Now, let’s go into a more in-depth approach to get more views on OpenSea for your NFT collection.

You first want to know how to get featured on OpenSea homepage. Being featured starts with OpenSea verifying your NFT project, which usually comes with a blue checkmark. 

With this, your project would rank on the explore page, resulting in an immense boost in your reputation. The blue check is sort of a license. And one of its advantages is that collectors would feel safe and secure with you.

Although getting verified on OpenSea is seemingly difficult, it is not impossible to achieve. Here are some tips on how to get verified on OpenSea:

  • Ensure you meet the OpenSea verification requirement. They include; a fully completed profile, hitting a high trade volume and being a reputable figure.
  • Also, stay away from fraudulent buying and selling. This might jeopardize your chances of getting verified.

Get Your NFT Projects in Front of NFT Directories

If you have been wondering how to get your NFT noticed on OpenSea, then you need to give this a try. It’s a brilliant move, especially if you don’t have an existing audience.

 It opens you up to a fresh and sure audience. This is because NFT directories already have existing NFT buyers who are quite familiar with OpenSea and have accounts on the platform. 

Here are some NFT directories you can get started with:

Talk About Your OpenSea Project On Twitter Spaces

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Another way to get your NFT noticed on OpenSea is by going on Twitter spaces and talking about your project. Twitter has played a huge role in the NFT space, and any project looking to sell out should take advantage of it. 

There are two ways to approach this method: 

  • You can hold a Twitter space or AMA to talk about your project roadmap and ideas. This works if you already have a good number of following. But if you don’t, then you can try the second method.
  • The second method involves joining someone’s space and talking about your project. You have to do this with caution as you don’t want to sound spammy on someone else’s space. Ensure to listen in for a while to understand the discussion before raising your hand to contribute. 

BONUS: You can partner with a Twitter influencer to host a space for your NFT project. This will allow you to tap into their large fanbase to get your NFT noticed on OpenSea. You’ll have to pay for the service, though. So ensure whoever you approach has large crypto and NFT audience.

List Your NFT on NFT Drop Calendars

The advent of NFT Calendars aims to bring together the best NFT drops from various NFT marketplaces. This creation is one sure way to promote your NFT on OpenSea.

Interestingly, many sites offer NFT calendar tools. Plus, submitting your NFT collection is free and doesn’t take much time. So you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this a try.

You start getting views on OpenSea once your NFT collections are displayed in the top NFT upcoming NFTs. This usually comes after your NFT collection gets reviewed. Here are some of the best NFT calendars that can aid your NFT promotion:

Markets for newsletters with awesome content have skyrocketed over the years.  Since the people out there are always yearning for what they have to offer. Then why not use them as a bridge to reaching your target audience?

It would interest you that newsletter authors always look for dope content to feed their readers. You can leverage this opportunity to get your NFT noticed on OpenSea.

Here are some of the best newsletters you can get started with in promoting your NFT on OpenSea:

Promote Your OpenSea Collection On Social Media

This is quite easy and could be achieved in various ways. However, you need to focus on a target audience and then sieve through for buyers. You can achieve this by promoting your NFTs on Instagram or running Twitter competitions to create awareness of your NFT collection. Reddit is another excellent platform to promote your OpenSea link. You can start with these popular NFT subreddits.

You can also use your personal Twitter account to advertise your collections by creating useful threads and engaging with people in the NFT space. You are most likely to connect with NFT collectors who have been wanting to invest in a new project through this approach.

You can also get the help of influencers to help drive traffic to your OpenSea link.


a graphic with two people exchanging nft and opensea to with a bold text saying how to get your nft notices on opensea
How to Get Your NFT Noticed on OpenSea Fast 6

Getting your NFT noticed on OpenSea isn’t out of your reach, not if you diligently play your own part. The process might take time, but it will be worth the journey.

The social media approach, for instance, would require building a large audience and gaining their trust. A quick way to grow is by collaborating with other established NFT collections. You can offer whitelist spots to their community members or run giveaways. 

This will get them to check out your NFT on OpenSea and get you more views—and, hopefully, more buyers. 

Do you want to know other NFT marketing strategies you can use? Check out other NFT promotion and social media ideas to make sure you get the most visibility for your NFT project.

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