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Can You Get NFTs for Free? Top 10 Ways [Free Mints, Giveaways, and More]

Not everyone has the budget to buy a Bored Ape for $84k or an Okay Bears for $815. But the good thing about NFTs is that you can get some for free. Thanks to the free mint meta, Twitter giveaways, and other options, you can get NFTs for free and even make profits from them

But getting free NFTs isn’t always easy. Some NFT projects rely on giveaways, drops, and other methods to get off the ground. However, finding such opportunities can be daunting. Plus, there’s the issue of falling into common NFT scams by bad actors in the space. Nonetheless, hunting down free NFTs is one way to get involved in the community and learn without blowing your portfolio. 

This article outlines all the ways to get free NFTs and how to increase your chances of finding that diamond in the rough. And who knows, you might just lay your hands on a free mint gem like GoblinTown.

Can You Get NFTs for Free?

You can get NFTs for free, and there are many ways to do this. Free NFTs are great if you’re looking to flip them for profit. There are lots of NFT calendars to find these projects.

Another profit-making option is to mint your own non-fungible tokens and sell them. The best part is most marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible allow you to create NFT collections for free. They make this possible through their “lazy minting” feature.

How to Get NFTs for Free

There are different ways you can get NFTs for free. Some are more daunting than others. We’ve listed some of the easiest methods to getting free NFTs below.

Find Free Mint NFT Projects

If you want to make money with NFTs fast, find some NFT projects that give free mints to users. Note that free mints aren’t entirely free. Besides the normal gas fee you pay on NFT blockchains like Ethereum, some projects also add a small price. This is usually a tiny amount, but the point is that you must have some crypto in your MetaMask or WalletConnect.

It is hard to differentiate between a potential and valuable free NFT mint and a worthless NFT. Some free NFTs have skyrocketed in the secondary market, raking profits for their holders. GoblinTown is a great example, reaching a 3 ETH floor just one week after mint. 

You can find free mint projects on social media platforms like Twitter or relevant communities on Reddit. NFT calendars are also great places to search. Just look out for rug pull projects.

Find and Participate in NFT Airdrops 

Airdrops are a way for Web3 companies to promote a token or project and create awareness. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) was created by Yuga Labs, and MAYC NFTs were airdropped to BAYC holders. 

If you want to win an airdrop, the project expects you to hold a particular amount of their tokens. Other times, the project can require you to do something small, like retweeting or liking their social media posts.

A screenshot of ongoing NFT airdrops listed on Coinmarketcap.
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Concentrate on announcements from the projects you own if you want to find NFT airdrops. Some websites to find NFT airdrops include and

Participate in NFT Giveaways or Bounties

Giveaways and bounties are great weapons in a Web3 startup’s marketing arsenal. They’re also great places to grab NFTs for free. To get a free NFT from giveaways and bounties, projects usually ask you to complete certain tasks such as:

  • Complete a mission like inviting people to join the project’s Discord server
  • Follow their Twitter handle, and like, and retweet their pinned post.
  • Stay active on their social media accounts
  • Engage with other community members on Discord
  • Make a short review video for YouTube
  • Visit a physical location to redeem the NFT
  • Participate in an online event, like an AMA.

Find Free NFTs on Social Media 

Twitter and Discord are the home base of the web3 community. So if you want to get NFTs for free, you must be active on these platforms. 

Getting Free NFT Giveaway on Twitter

Most free NFTs on Twitter are gotten from giveaways. It’s mostly run by founders or influencers looking to grow a particular community. Finding these opportunities is easy. You can simply search the hashtag “#NFTgiveaway,” and you’ll find many potential giveaways you can participate in. 

Getting Free NFT Giveaway on Discord

Discord Homepage
Discord Homepage

You can find and join NFT Discord servers, participate in community tasks and earn free nfts. Just like Twitter, Discord is a great place to discover community-driven projects that freely distribute NFTs to their users. 

However, giveaways on Discord are different from those on Twitter. First, finding NFT Discords is super difficult. You’ll have to get an invite link from other platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Or someone from the server will invite you. 

Second, keeping up with multiple Discords is time-consuming. Each has its own schedule and tasks to complete. This makes grinding on Discord to get allowlist spots for free NFTs laborious. So, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your communities and be organized, so you don’t get kicked out.

Get Free NFTs on Play-to-earn Games 

One way to get free NFTs is to play games that let you earn them as rewards. These games are different from what we usually play. The main difference is the tokenization of in-game items, allowing you to own and trade them at will. There are tons of NFT play-to-earn games you can try. You can also find new ones on sites like DappRadar and

The downside to most play-to-earn games is that you need cash to start. For instance, Axie Infinity requires you to purchase a team of Axies to start. The good part is that you can partner with someone who owns an Axies team and split profits thanks to the Axie Infinity Scholarship program. 

Mint Your Own Free NFT and Share or Sell 

drawing nft
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The fastest and easiest thing to get free NFT is to mint your own PFP collection and share or sell it. However, one barrier to this is the high minting cost, especially on Ethereum. Thankfully, some layer-2 solutions, like Arbitrum, let you create, buy, and sell NFT without paying high fees.

Other popular NFT blockchains like Solana also offer cheaper NFT minting costs.

Apply for Moderator Jobs on New NFT Projects 

Another way to get NFTs for free is by applying to be a discord moderator on new projects. A discord moderator oversees member interactions on servers, assists new members, and ensures existing members obey the community rules. 

Most mod roles are unpaid. However, project founders can reward you with free NFTs once the project launches. Of course, moderation isn’t the only job you can apply for. NFT projects need meme creators, graphic designers, smart contract developers, etc. These roles can earn you money while offering you free NFTs for being a team member.

Some places you can find NFT mod jobs include Upwork, Linkedin, and Fiverr.

One advantage to this method is that it improves your chances of getting hired by other projects and receiving free NFTs from them. Another upside is that you can interact with many people you can leverage when other free NFT opportunities arise.

Try NFT Breeding

NFT breeding is an exciting part of the NFT system that allows you to get new tokens for free. This feature allows you to make new NFTs from two existing ones. 

Axie Infinity gameverse, for instance, makes new characters by having Axies breed with each other. Like their parent NFTs, you can use these characters in the game and on more than one crypto platform.

Another play-to-earn game that supports breeding is Cryptokitties. There are two ways of breeding CryptoKitties; breeding with a public father or interbreeding your own two kitties. For CryptoKitties to be bred, players must first find two cats that are compatible. 

Of course, Cryptokitties and Axie Infinity aren’t the only blockchain games with NFT breeding capabilities.

Sponsor NFTs Using Your Large Social Media Following 

Do you have a large following on Twitter or Instagram? Are they active, or do they look forward to your content? Then you’ve got all you need to get free NFTs. 

Influencer marketing is one awesome way to promote NFTs on Twitter and other social networks. You can approach new NFT projects for collaborations when you have a sizeable number of active followers. In return, they can give you several slots on their allowlist or send you free NFTs at the drop. 

You can still use this method if you don’t have a sizeable following yet. Start by creating relevant content and threads around NFTs and Web3. You can also interact in the comment section of other top content creators to gain attention. Slowly but steadily, your audience will grow to the point of sponsoring upcoming collections. 

Ensure to focus on community building and offering value before considering the monetary benefits. Don’t try to spam people’s comments by shilling projects before making meaningful connections.

Also, it’s up to you to research every project before recommending it to your followers. You don’t want to support scam projects that drain your followers and destroy your reputation.

Check NFT Calendars

You can keep track of upcoming events like mint releases, airdrops, and giveaways with an NFT calendar to earn free NFTs. Many websites track when free NFTs are released, so it’s a good place to look. Many websites have filters for NFT projects, blockchains, and other topics. Some NFT calendars to check include and

Are Free NFTs Worth It?

NFTs, whether you pay a lot of money for them or get them for free, are very risky ventures. However, free NFTs are worth it if you find valuable projects. Plus, they’re the best way to get started with NFTs without spending your crypto. 


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We have diverse ways to get free NFTs, and each has advantages and consequent drawbacks. Finally, stick to whichever strategy you find very suitable. You can get them via ways like playing games or taking part in giveaways or airdrops.

No matter which way you choose to earn free NFTs, make sure to do your research first to avoid scams and get free NFTs that you might be able to sell to get some cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Money From Free NFTs? 

You can make money from free NFTs if you find a good NFT project or mint your own NFT.  You can even list your NFTs on other marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, etc., for a small fee and profit from secondary sales.

Why Are Some NFTs Free?

Companies can use NFT projects as a way to start a marketing campaign and get their products out there. A good way to do this is to give away free stuff. Consequently, NFT projects often unveil free NFT giveaways and airdrops to draw crypto enthusiasts to the project. It’s also possible to get free NFTs or tokens that can increase in value. 

How to Get NFT Fast?

To  Purchase NFTs in 2022, sign up for an exchange like Coinbase or OpenSea and add Ethereum to your account. Then you can buy cryptocurrencies. Also, set up a wallet, like Metamask, to store your NFT and monitor it. 

Do You Need Money to Get Into NFTs?

Yes, you need money to set up an NFT. At the moment, notwithstanding, OpenSea and Rarible let you make NFTs on Ethereum for free. It’s called “lazy minting.”

Are Free NFTs Worth Anything?

Most of the time, free NFTs don’t have much value. But if you enter a number of high-quality projects and just one of them works out, you can win a lot of money. Think about how you could get a CryptoPunk for free. There are, in fact, a few projects that can grow to a floor price of $150–$1500 or more. You might waste a little time looking for free NFTs, but you won’t have to spend any money doing that. 

Do Free NFTs Come With Any Hidden Costs?

Most airdrops don’t cost you anything because they are transferred directly to your wallet. But gas fees are needed for free mints. Depending on the blockchain, these fees vary in amount. If the NFT itself is free, you may have to pay for gas to get it into your wallet. 

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