wagmi meaning nft

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WAGMI Meaning In NFT

An abbreviation for “We Are Going to Make It,” WAGMI is a common optimistic term within the NFT community. It is an expression that connotes comradeship and positive prediction of future results on trade decisions made. It is a term of encouragement and optimism used within the NFT community to inspire faith in an NFT project.

WAGMI Sentence Example

  • “Ensure you DYOR before buying. WAGMI!”

WAGMI NFT Meaning Variations

  • WGMI

WAGMI Meaning NFT – Context

WAGMI is often used by influential figures in the NFT world to create a feeling of companionship with their followers. It implies faith in dicey choices that are seemingly contrary to common sense and popular trends.

WAGMI in NFT signifies that a risky decision has been made but is expected to bear future benefits. WAGMI is an expression of positive togetherness and solidarity in the prospect of taking big risks. It shows confidence that a decision or course of action would eventually be profitable. It is a term that shows belief in the long-term success of an NFT project. 

WAGMI also relays an individual’s shared conviction in a group, project, or the NFT community altogether. When NFT investors make decisions or actions that may seem doomed for failure, they encourage themselves with terms like WAGMI.

How and When Can WAGMI Be Used?

wagmi meaning nft
What WAGMI Means in NFTs

WAGMI can be used in a number of contexts within the NFT community. It can be used to show your trust for an NFT project even when such trust might seem misplaced. Also, the term can be used when faith in a project finally starts to pay off. Thus, implying you had always believed in it even when others doubted it, and your faith has been rewarded.

WAGMI can also be used when sending messages of encouragement or advice to fellow members of the NFT society. An example of this is a tweet from BTC on-chain analyst Will Clemente in 2021. After advising NFT enthusiasts to practice caution while purchasing NFTS, Clemente ends his message with “WAGMI.”

WAGMI also implies inclusion and warmth towards all who share similar beliefs and are connected with the same shared hopes.

Considering the generally risky nature of investment in NFT projects, terms like WAGMI are an apt reflection of the NFT space. NFT communities require faith and boldness to make decisions that would secure sizable profits, hence the need for terms of encouragement. So as you try to make profits while you trade, remember WAGMI.

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