Diamond Hands Meaning NFT

diamond hands nft meaning

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What Does Diamond Hands Mean in NFTs?

Diamond Hands is a term used in the NFT space to describe an immovable investor. The expression describes a person who plans to keep an NFT for a long time, irrespective of the market conditions. An NFT diamond hand investor is not concerned about short-term market prices. He only focuses on what the long-term market has to offer him. 

Diamon Hands Sentence Example

  • “Big loss on my new NFT today, but call me diamond hands cause I’m still holding.”
  • “People selling their NFT right now are dumb. I’ve got diamond hands I will never sell.”

Diamon Hands NFT Meaning Variations

  • diamond hand 💎🙌
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Diamond Hands in NFT Explained

The NFT market has several ups and downs, like high volatility, market sentiment, and even negative rumors. All of these affect the prices, demand, supply, and general value of NFTs, especially in the short run. The diamond hand investors are nonchalant about these fluctuations, looking beyond what investors see at the present moment. 

Hence, you can say the diamond hands are people with high-risk tolerance, so they never panic or sell their assets. There are good and bad tendencies concerning the investment of such a person. When the value of an NFT is plummeting, the usual marketing strategy would demand you get rid of it. At this stage, it’s easy to see Diamond Hands as plain insanity from the usual context. 

However, Diamond Hands do what they do for two reasons – love of the art or money. In the first instance, it could simply be that they are deep into the style of the NFT. They may be willing to keep the NFT until infinity just for its love. 

On the other hand, they may be holding it because they foresee potential in the NFT irrespective of its present value. These types of diamond holders hold their NFTs over a very long period while waiting for when the value skyrockets. 

The term is rampant on several social media handles, especially Reddit and Twitter. It is usually represented by the emoji of a blue diamond and both hands beside it. 

Several tweets and posts reference diamond hands, and numerous investors are now entering the game. It shouldn’t be new to see the term tagged in a post or the emoji in a tweet. 

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You can also choose to have diamond hands by buying your assets and storing them. In the NFT community, diamond hands are top-valued for their faith in artists, which causes an increase in artwork demands. However, make sure you select the artwork carefully and go for those with value or a tendency to rise. 

The opposite of diamond hands investors is paper hands in the NFT community. Unlike diamond hands, these investors are unwilling to hold on to NFTs but sell them at the slightest chance. They are entirely concerned with the short-term market alone. 

diamond hands nft meaning
diamond hand
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