The Ultimate Glossary Of NFT Terms

Here’s the most complete glossary of NFT terms to get you started when browsing through the NFT space. New terms are added daily.

NFT terms
wagmi meaning nft


WAGMI Meaning In NFT An abbreviation for “We Are Going to Make It,” WAGMI is a common optimistic term within the NFT community. It is

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wgmi meaning nft

WGMI Meaning NFT

WGMI Meaning NFT WGMI is basically an abbreviation for ‘We’re Gonna Make It.’ It is a term used to positively predict the successful outcome of

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wen meaning nft

Wen Meaning NFT

Wen Meaning NFT Wen, within the NFT community, simply means ‘when.’ It is a wrong spelling of ‘when’ that is used deliberately by members of

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volume meaning nft

Volume Meaning NFT

Volume Meaning NFT NFT volume refers to the number of individual units of an NFT collection traded within a specific time. It estimates the number

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